Haute Boheme

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  • Drop what drains & do more of the ‘stuff’ you love.

    You are a multipassionate femme-preneur who wants to spend more time doing your art (or healing art)- and less time figuring out the whole business and marketing thing. You’d happily drop the stuff that drains you and do more of the stuff you love….if only you knew where to focus your energy. What you really need now is specific steps and ‘hands on’ help to pull everything you offer under one umbrella so that you can breathe easy and finally feel on top of it all!

    But right now do you feel ……..

    • unorganized and unprepared to receive new clients?
    • lacking the courage to put yourself out there and talk about your business?
    • ‘shit sacred’ of public speaking and avoiding sales ‘like the plague’?

    As a multi passionate myself, I totally feel you…..

    SONY DSCI am Sherry Rothwell, RHN, nutrition educator and start up strategista. Like most new entrepreneurs I too struggled with fear, resistance, overwhelm, perfection paralysis and drowning in the details of trying to figure everything out on my own. I started this business to save you the time, energy and heartache of working on your business round the clock, yet never really getting anything done! My signature programs help you speed through the start up process (and minimize the growing pains), so that you can get back to why you started your business in the first place.

    Jump on and hitch a ride in my carnival caravan if you want to…..

    • Incorporate all of your skills, gifts, talents and passions into a Bohemian Brand™ that feels oh so ‘you’!
    • Get clear on your business’s core message and speak your truth (even when it feels scary)!
    • Craft a one-of-a kind results based signature program that you can feel proud of (and confidently sell!).

    Here is how I can help….. 

    Who I love to work with:

    •  You love the simplicity of natural- but you also like luxuriously rustic pleasures (like the warm glow of a wood burning fireplace or steamy nights in a hot tub under the moon light).
    • You’d happily leave the house without your make-up on, but you’d never leave without the finer things in life (like your fashion flare, dark chocolate or a small cup of piping hot espresso- to go).
    • You have an open and curious mind with an insatiable desire to learn, grow and discover new experiences – your soul loves the buzz of community, travel & adventure.

    Want to journey with me?

    Get free business advice by exploring these articles, get on the right path for your business with this boho business start up guide or book a private session to talk about working together 1 on 1!