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  • Welcome to my abode….


    What I stand for…

    I stand for you to transform your life so that you can authentically serve with your cup full.

    I believe……

    That your business should be an expression of your joy in process, because the means is the end – you can be abundant right now regardless of the number in your bank account.

    How I started on this path…

    Many moons ago in my nutrition practice, I woke up to the realization that living our dreams is not optional if we want to achieve optimal health (yes mama, your dream is essential!). And by the same token, we need to be in an optimal state of health if we want to live our life fully (investing in your health is investing in the growth of your business!).

    With that conviction, along with a passion for holding the space for mothers to make a living doing what they love (and model that for their daughters), is the reason I transitioned from nutrition consulting to dream design (aka: business mentoring).

    Being a multipassionate just like you, I am also a nutrition instructor at a local holistic nutrition school here in Kelowna, BC…..food, nutrition and cooking are big passions of mine : )

    Before that though….

    In the process of having created numerous profitable online programs as a nutritionist (Domestic Diva and Nutrition Wisdom), I discovered a passion for marketing, soulful copywriting and business strategizing.

    But 3 years ago, I hit rock bottom. I had already accomplished so many of the dreams that Sherry9I had set out for myself and yet I still felt like ‘something’ was missing from my life.

    I even wondered if I was insatiable… doomed … possibly even incapable of being happy- no matter what the circumstances.

    I felt there had to be more to life than just accomplishing goals and striving to be successful…..

    Within days of that realization, I was sychronistically introduced to both the release technique and Theta Healing (in the same hour!).

    Since adopting the practice of emotional release to let go of negativity and limiting beliefs, I no longer feel that compulsion to strive and finally and simply want what I have (….of course with the inspiration for a few extra frills and thrills from time to time!).

    And yes, I too still fall off the wagon (I’m no guru)….

    Along with past successes, there have also been times when I felt like I failed miserbly in business (and as a mother read on…)… or at the very least fell short of my potential.

    While I am far from perfect (I am sure my kids would be the first to tell you that!) the path of rhythms is a practice of coming back to the moment and to your inspiration, so that you can keep consistently and consciously designing your future (nothing left to default).

    When you committ to practicing rhythms, it helps you stay on track with your intentions…

    You too can design your dreams (and have them) by being happy now in this moment.

    And the rest is history….

    The truth is that I have always been fascinated by business. My first incarnation of a career was in the beauty world, but sick from the fumes and passionate about regaining my health, I left my career as an esthetician to work at a health food store. By the ripe old age of 23 I was the full time manager. Two years and a baby later I co- owned the first natural mom and baby store in Canada which garnished attention both from CBC radio and the Winnipeg Free Press (we titled our press release “Breasts, Babies and Business!”).

    After giving birth, I became a passionate supporter of home birth and went on to study doula care, holistic midwifery and childbirth education. In those days I struggled to make doing what I love translate into an income- my work in those days felt like an expensive hobby and my income, was more like an allowance!

    IMG_3780 (2)Fast forward to the year 2008 when I graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. My final mark in business was 100%. Even though business came easy to me in theory- that didn’t mean it translated into money or into clients in the real world.

    From my past experience marketing in the alternative birth field, I knew that natural nutrition would have some of the very same obstacles, and I didn’t want to waste time making the same unproductive mistakes or spinning my wheels doing the same thing and expecting different results.

    I concluded that there had to be another way and  so I decided to learn from people who were doing what I wanted to be doing. I immersed myself in studying business, in practicing copywriting and investing thousands of dollars to learn how to market effectively …….and once I started the emotional and belief work, it finally paid off!

    Today I make a generous living doing what I love and you can too!

    Snake 2

    Nothing excites me more than to hold the space for you to fulfill your dreams!

    I especially like working with bohemian type birth workers, holistic nutritionists, coaches, healers, artists and other women who make the world a more beautiful place to be a part of!

    I would be honoured to walk you through the exact steps you need to walk to design a business that reflects the lifestyle you want.

    I will teach you how to ensure that your passions will give back to you as much as your work and your art gives back to your clients.

    We’ll make sure that your business model builds your energy- so that you can keep giving back in the way that you are authentically designed to serve- without burning out or losing your passion in the process!

    But enough about me,  let`s talk about you and your next steps!

    Get a feel for my approach with this savvy start up guide, explore my signature DIY e-courses or apply for a Dream Design session, so that you and I can determine your next best steps and discover if we are a good match to work together.