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    Do you speak better than you write?

    Do you speak better than you write?

    Do you want to blog or write a newsletter, but find yourself resisting all the time, energy and effort it takes to do it? Or maybe you find that you just can’t express yourself well in writing?

    I think I found a possible solution to your ‘writing woes’.

    It came out of a woe my own.

    In January, I found myself spending hours typing up notes for the classes I teach at local nutrition school here in Kelowna, along with handouts for two different online trainings.

    I have to admit, it was emotionally draining to spend so much time in front of the computer. But it felt like I didn’t have any other options, so I just kept typing away despite feeling burdened by it all.

    And then my body said no.

    The strange part was, there was no slow lead up to the pain. I just simply couldn’t type anymore and I felt nauseous in front of the computer.

    Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 5.00.32 PMIt wasn’t like my wrists were hurting and I had ignored it, letting them get worse.

    One day I had no pain. The next day I did.

    At first I thought it would pass, if I just took a break. So I did. After a few weeks, I spent one day at the computer, and the pain became worse than it had been when it first started.

    And so I had to postpone one of my upcoming tele seminar training series……. Oh, I so hated doing that.

    I started to have thoughts like, “what is the universe trying to tell me”?, “am I on the wrong path”?, “Is there something else I am supposed to be doing”?

    Pretty much everything I love doing: teaching, writing books, blogging, writing recipes, etc. require me to be on the computer or on my phone typing to share through social media!

    I started to feel sorry for myself. Not being able to type felt like my creative outlets were all taken away!

    A good friend, reminded me that a while back a lady I met at a conference had told me about an app called Dragon Dictation. She used it to create content in her business by “talking to text”.

    There it had been, sitting on my phone for all these years and I had never gotten around to
    using it.

    It worked great.

    The only problem was, I had to email the text to myself, and then copy and paste it into a document piece by piece–and that hurt “like the dickens”. The only thing worse than typing, was “thumbing it” on my iPhone.

    So I figured it was finally time to figure out how to use the dictation function on my Mac.

    Low and behold it’s not only easy to set up, but very easy-to-use.

    It literally saved my sanity, my work and my wrists….and I am using it right now to write this post!

    The reason I’m sharing this with you to demonstrate that sometimes what will liberate us, is often disguised as a temporary misfortune… and also because I thought it might help you too!

    If you speak better than you write, this thing could be just what you need to start blogging and creating content for your business.

    I created this quick the video tutorial to help you get started.

    Get enhanced dictation here.

    I hope you enjoyed the video and that it helps!

    Comment below and let me know if “talking to text” is helpful to liberate your voice and get you creating content in your biz?!

    The problem with giving away free health advice

    The problem with giving away free health advice

    One thing you will continue to notice as a nutritionist or other natural health practitioner is that people will want to know about a natural remedy for “what ails for them” without you really knowing anything about their unique situation.

    Sometimes the solution is something simple and easy. Sometimes it is not.

    Here is the dilemna.

    You will be tempted to give them free advice to be kind and generous, but you run the risk of that advice not being right (for them as an individual) and of losing your credibility with them (or reflecting badly on the credibility of natural medicine for all of us).

    Make a habit of getting the full picture before you make a recommendation……after all, that is what being a holistic practitioner is all about!

    When we recommend a natural remedy for a systemic problem, we are essentially philosophically looking through the lens of the medical mindset- the only difference is that the medicine that we recommend is natural!

    While I do agree that yes certain natural remedies can and do treat symptoms (and that they can take the much needed edge off the discomfort or be appropriate for where that person is at in terms of their ability to take responsibility for their health), rarely though can one natural remedy truly heal.

    As a holistic practitioner, you are trying to offer more than just a band aid.

    It is likely that you do this work because you wanted to help your clients heal at the level of root cause and you are not satisified with simply writing natural prescriptions for symptoms.

    Let that lady you met at party, the guy you sat beside on the bus or curious aquintances search the internet if they want to use natural remedies to relieve symptoms. It is easy and free, generally non toxic, does not take up your time or reflect badly on you if the top remedy ‘out there’ for their symptom does not work for them.

    You can still be helpful by recommending a website or a book you know that is great on the subject they are seeking help with. Let them know that you would be happy to chat with them about it when you are back in your office if they would like to book an appointment to speak with you.

    Take a risk on saying no to giving awayAs someone serious about transforming people’s health and lives, save your time and energy for people who want to go deep with you.

    Keep your focus on those that want to take the journey that you offer, so that you can really giving them your full time, energy and attention.

    Sure you face the dilemmna that people will think that you are stingy or trying to get something from them if you suggest that they make a formal appointment with you for personalized recommendations.

    I get it. We all want to be liked or at least avoid people’s dissapproval.

    But if you take the time to explain how you really work and why it is both best for them and for you, people really DO get it.

    It is all really logical when they take a moment to really think about it.

    As a holistic practitioner, how do I approach the question “What remedy should I take for (fill in the blank)?”

    I simply say something to the effect of….” this may not be the best remedy for you based on your unique situation but (such and such) is known as being a top remedy for (insert the symptom they asked about). In order to really offer you relevant advice though, I would need to look into your unique health situation and come up with a personalized plan that would have you heal (their issue) at the level of root cause, rather than just treat the symptoms.”

    This usually opens up a bunch of questions about your approach (which is great) because you get to pitch your work without feeling salesy.

    If it feels appropriate you can wrap up the conversation saying something to the effect of…..

    “If that sounds intriguing to you,  I offer a complimentary session that you can apply for  if you are interested in learning more about how I might be able to help”.

    If they are interested in exploring further, hand them the your business card (make sure it includes a link to where they can apply for your complimentary session eg: www.SherryRothwell.com/apply) and let them decide whether or not to take the next step to have a further converstion with you.

    Remember, if their eyes glaze over or they change the topic right away, they weren’t really seriously going to implement what you told them anyway, so be glad that you didn’t spend the time!

    Take a risk on saying “no” to giving away free health advice because in the end it is better for everyone.

    Better for you, better for them and better for the natural health field.

    If they want free health info, they can search the internet or if they want low cost info, they can take an e-course.

    In fact, if they spend the time and energy investing their money and time in less personalized solutions and do not eventually find the answers that they are looking for, they will be primed through that prior expended energy to better value YOUR time, energy and experience (if they do in fact become your client in the future!).

    And thats is a win-win for everyone.

    How about you? How do you handle these kinds of situations as a holistic practitioner? Tell me in the comments below!


    Why hiring a VA might be a better choice than a business coach

    Why hiring a VA might be a better choice than a business coach

    As strange as it might seem for me to be writing this (considering that I am a business coach), when push comes to shove and you need to focus down your energy and where you invest your moohlah, business coaching might not be your next best option.

    Coach or VAWhy? Because a business coaching will help you expand. If you are already feeling fully expanded to the point that you are in overwhelm with what you have already started, then I am guessing that you actually need to invest in the services of a virtual assistant to help you pull in the riegns and refine what you already have created -and take it to the next level of quality.

    Essentially my advice is to make the most of what you already have, so that you are ready to rock it out with a business coach.

    That is because the work that you do with a business coach is all about getting out there, marketing, creating new programs or re launching past ones….all stuff that adds to your plate and stretches you.

    A virtual assistant on the other hand, takes stuff off your plate.

    When we get stuck in our business, it is tempting to think that we just need more inspiration, ideas or to learn something new, like a…..

    • Another program to get you to 6 figures and beyond.
    • A fresh take on how to take your business to the next level etc.
    • Learn a new marketing approach that you had not thought of

    But if you do not have the support of a virtual assistant or others in place to help you with implementation, you will feel like you do not have the time to make good on all of the new strategy and insight that you can get from a coach.

    And sometimes that can be paralyzing.

    Ever invested a shit ton of money in a program and not done much with it?

    You are not alone, I have too.

    It is tempting to think that you wasted your money or that the program was shit (it is natural to want to place the blame outside of yourself…..but it is not fair).

    But let’s be honest here.

    If you went back to even the shittiest of programs that you invested in, in the past and actually took inspired action on everything you learned (or were reminded that you know) you would have something beautiful to show for it in the end ….and you would feel accomplished, feel good about yourself and about your work.

    But if you just let it sit there collecting dust, then you can be sure to add a sense of powerlessness, lack and self doubt to your overwhelm.

    My advice?

    Go back to the program and hire a VA to help you implement what you learned. Once you have done the work and feel proud of what you have created and feel ready to expand again, then hire another business coach.

    From a strategy perspective, taking the long view is the most sustainable. I believe that you need to suck the juice out of what you already have and make the most of it.

    To me that is starting from gratitude. Gratitude guarantees your abundance in this moment.

    Some business coaches would say, “no way! Invest in another program to keep you moving forward and cut your losses! Speed is of the essence.”

    I on the other hand think you need to make good on what you have already started to have the confidence in yourself to take on more.

    Sure you can get really brave, committ like you never have before and buy yourself a big ass coaching package….but if you do, you should still make hiring a VA your top priority (you are virtually gauranteed to get somewhere because they will actually accomplish some of the work for you!).

    Whatever you choose, remember to go deep before you speed ahead (get grounded first or you will start spinning with the speed and that means you’ll be going nowhere fast).

    So if you do not trust yourself to do the work right now, hire someone who will aka: a virtual assistant.

    Nature can help you decide.

    If you acknowledge natures wisdom as I do, there is a season for everything. Time for going inward and a time to go outward.

    As much as you need an in breath, you also need an outbreath. But not simultaneously.

    Consider a coach the out breath and a VA (virtual assistant), the in breath….

    Do you need to go deeper with what you already have in your business? Or do you need to expand into new territory?

    • want to go deep and re birth = virtual assistant
    • want to expand and challenge yourself = business coach

    Of course once your business is up an running as a living and breathing entity, then you need both to manage your energy and the flow of your business.

    For now, maybe this can help….

    I created this at-a-glance chart for you, to help you decide based on your current struggles if you need a coach or a virtual assistant to get unstuck.

    Coach vs VA

    Basically, if you are in start up, need a new business model or marketing stratgey, then you need a coach.

    If you have already worked with a business coach, taken a ton of trainings, have clarity, know your niche, have a strong brand and a signature program or products already created, then you need a virtual assistant.

    Your VA will help you set up your online and client care systems- helping you get all the nitty gritty accomplished so that you are ready to work with a coach again and start selling that shit!

    So what is it going to be? A coach or VA? Tell me in the comments (or let me know if you are still not sure) and we will look for more distinctions that can help.


    7 reasons online marketing is perfect for mamapreneurs

    moms can take kids to work at this store12 years ago when I first got started in business, it cost $10, 000 to buy an online shopping cart.

    Back then I owned a holistic birth and baby retail store. Not only was the business hugely time consuming and the rent high, but we spent over $20 000 in design and advertising.

    Getting started in business in those days was a huge risk, involving tons of overhead and big rent- with very little profit margin on the products.

    Businesses in the old days were doomed to fail without a large cash flow. That’s why you hear that 99% of businesses fail in the first 3 years.

    Fast forward to 2013 and everything has changed.

    You can start- up an online service based business by investing in a simple website for about $250.  And after that, you can expect to spend about $20 per month to run your start up business (all you need is a website and an e-mail service provider).

    While in the old days it was risky to start up a new business with rent and inventory sucking up the profit,  these days businesses don ‘t fail, people simply give up too soon.

    Essentially, marketing today is based on connection and education (which makes it sooo much easier for us nurturing types who feel uncomfortable with sales)!

    Now a days, effective marketing is also way less time consuming  too, because you can set it on autopilot with authentic copy and automatic e-mail follow up sequences (you really can connect with your ideal clients while you are at the park with the kids)!

    AHere are my 7 reasons that the online business platform is perfect for busy mamapreneurs:

    1) You can just forget about business as usual. New business models provide the freedom to create your schedule in any way that suits you best. You are at liberty to be available only when you desire to be (and still create a financially thriving business). That means you don’t have to choose between your family and work- you can harmonize the two instead.

    2) Online businesses are inexpensive to start up. All you need is a basic wordpress site with a customized banner, a professional e-mail delivery service and a Paypal account to start accepting money for your services. It’s simple, affordable and accessible for any person who owns a computer and an Internet connection (not to mention, it’s super low risk too).

    3) Marketing and design cost a fraction of what they used to, with services like fivver. Start up businesses need nothing more than a simple elegant banner (logo’s are optional when you are your own personal brand). Later when you are making money, you can justify taking your web presence to the next level with better quality design services.

    4) With all the start up savings due to the nature of an online business, you can instead invest in your biggest asset- yourself- by learning how to design, develop and market your products and services effectively (so that you don’t burn out or give up trying to figure it all out on your own). Marketing doesn’t come naturally to most, yet it is super simple to learn.

    5) With the right copy on your website and effective follow up e-mails that connect with your audience, you can enrol clients in your sleep- instead of pounding the payment or doing cold calls (saves massive amounts of energy, stress and time). There is little need to pay for marketing if you are willing to connect with clients instead.

    6) Today’s marketing is giving centred and educationally based. Perfect for the nurturing spirit of us mothers. You simply create marketing campaigns that educate and then invite your ideal clients to take the journey farther with you (simple and fun).

    7) Finally, because effective marketing is authentic, natural and connection based, you can incorporate your lifestyle into your marketing. Instead of wearing the hat of mother, wife, friend and business woman, you can integrate all of yourself into a personality brand. When you are connected to the right audience, all you have to do is share your life – and that naturally markets your authentic gifts and gets your work in front of your perfect clients- because they can feel you. You don’t have to play a role. You just combine your natural gifts, talents and passions into your services to create work that feels like play and as a natural extension of that flow- you can make a living doing what you love.

    Being an entrepreneur and working primarily VIRTUALLY- for time and location freedom, is ideal for mamas like me, who want to give their gifts in the world and be available to their family at a moment’s notice.

    Want to know more about how to make it happen for yourself? Click here to get my free 7 Step Savvy Start Up Guide for mamapreneurs (and other naturally nurturing gals)!

    24 tips to manage your energy (for mamapreneurs)

    It’s no secret that time management doesn’t work for moms. If you are a mamapreneur, then you know that life with kids in tow is full of the kind of surprises that make it nearly impossible to stay on track with a schedule.

    http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photography-mom-son-working-image14358692If you are a mom who wants to be, do and have it all, then you will need to learn how to manage ‘who you are being’ with time. You simply don’t have the luxury of winging it.

    Throughout my 12 years of being a mamapreneur, women often tell me that they are amazed at how much I get done and undertake whilst children in tow. They often ask me how I do it, so I thought I would share my paradigm around being the kind of mom who ‘gits er done’, without having to do it all!

    To sum it up, I manage my energy (not my time) and nurture my health, home, family and work in a rhythm in tune with nature’s cycles….I don’t feel like I have to do it all at once, because there is literally a season for everything.

    Without further adieu, here are my 24 tips to manage your energy for holistically minded mamapreneurs:

    1) Put you on the schedule first (schedule family and kid stuff around that).

    2) You don’t need to meet every single one of your child’s needs, you just need to get their needs met.

    3) Plan your household tasks in a rhythm that is in tune with the moon’s supporting energies.

    4) Charge enough for your services so that your business can give back to you (and you can give back to your family).

    5) Delegate (VA, housecleaner, nanny, childcare, advanced food prep, assistant, tutor etc.)

    Moon Cycles6) Create momentum work retreats (full moon is great for this, book a room in a hotel and order room service so that you can work uninterrupted or send hubby on a camping trip with the kids so that you have the house to yourself).

    7) Take the new moon week off from seeing clients (so that you can recharge, be creative or take your family on an adventure).

    8) Block schedule client sessions so that you don’t feel like you are ‘always on’.

    9) Plan your business tasks in line with the supporting moon energies. Here is a great article on how to do that, with a handy printable chart that Carrie over at Pink Elephant Academy for Entrepreneurs put together based on her interview with me!

    10) Integrate your social life into your business by serving the kind of clientele you’d be thrilled to have over for dinner (meet as many of your social needs through your work so that you don’t have to compartmentalize your life).

    11) Include your kids in your business (no excuses, get creative).

    12) Do your housework and cooking when the kids are home (don’t be tempted during your biz hours).

    13) Menu plan so that meals are easy. Create a kitchen binder of your favourite fast healthy meals that you can throw something together when you get off track with your menu planning (because inevitably you will).

    14) Get your hubby to agree to contribute to the domestic duties. Seriously ladies, please don’t take on more than your share of the domestic duties when you are both working…seriously, put your foot down.

    15) Do work you love. Remember, if mama ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy.

    16) Only take ‘perfect for you’ clients (ditch the clients that drain you).

    17) Do not be tempted to accept visits during your work hours (you desired the flexibility of being an entrepreneur so that you can be flexible with your self, not so that you could be at the ‘beck and call’ of friends and family).

    18) Set your marketing up so that it works while you sleep (create an opt in sequence that engages with your perfect clients so that they are practically ready to say yes to working with you, even before you connect with them 1 on 1.

    19) Work with skype video, so that you have location freedom (that way you can work from home,  homeschool or travel with your kids).

    20) Hire a mentor/coach so that you don’t waste your energy and effort…avoid wasting time reinventing the wheel and get the help you need to go in a straight line towards what you desire.

    21) Create a very simple ‘rinse and repeat’ business model that matches your unique strengths so that you can feel on top of it all.

    22) Hang out with entrepreneurially minded moms, trade childcare & have work/play dates.

    23) Create a business that matches the time you have-be realistic, start ups take energy and they need momentum.

    24) Include your hobbies, passions and edgy opinions in your marketing…..showing the real you, helps your perfect clients know that you are the one for them- that means you can re purpose the stuff you do for fun to market your services and best of all it makes your marketing come alive!


    Birthing My Business as a Second Child

    This article comes from a lovely client of mine Ashley Donovan. She sent me a note one morning about the insights that were revealed to her in a dream about her relationship to her business. I asked her if she would consider writing an article about it to help other mama’s conceptualize that just as we can expand our energy and love for a second child, we can give birth to our business personified in this way.

    In Ashley’s own words…….

    I moved to Dallas back in August. The only way I know how to describe what I felt was that something had ‘cracked’ open inside of me. It wasn’t until the new moon that I connected this to my business.

    AshleyI had a dream about two beautiful babies. One was crying and being held and soothed but the second was not acknowledged at all. The second baby still looked so peaceful. I wondered ‘how can that be?’ My daughter, Cali, was almost never that peaceful unless in someone’s arms. I woke up and did some journaling.

    I am just learning about the moon cycles but I knew that this was a very natural time for reflection. I realized that I have been pregnant (not literally folks!) for the last seven and a half months. I have some theories about my dream. I’m not sure what the exact translation is. I do know my dream has opened my eyes to seeing my business as my second child.

    My transition into being an entrepreneur has not been an easy one. I have had many ups and downs. About a million times I would think ‘I can’t do this’. I have been so frightened it was as if I were a scared mouse in a cage unable to take any action at all.

    I’ve also had tremendously hot energy. Feeling so on ‘it’ and fully tapped into being a coach.

    During reflection I noticed that all of this was so eerily similar to pregnancy. Days where I didn’t think I was going to be a good mother, days where I wasn’t sure if the baby would be healthy and days where I was so excited I just couldn’t contain myself and let’s not forget the days I was just so eager to meet my little bean!!! When someone is ‘in the thick of it’ it can be difficult to see how much work is being done even when it seems like nothing is being done at all.

    I feel this drive to lead an authentic life so that I can fully lead others on their authentic path. That is not something I take lightly (neither was mothering) and so I knew (much like when I was pregnant) that if I was going to be a coach (or mother) I was going to have to be the best damn role model I could be (ME). Even when I am working on myself and nothing for my business I have to remain confident that one will feed into the other.

    So much is the same in pregnancy. That baby is growing whether you think about it or not. Eating fantastic food, keeping the stress low and loving it up are all a part of that baby’s vitality.

    I’ve had to feel through some very old wounds. I’ve had to cry and feel scared and sad and alone. It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t always fun, but the fruits of my labor will only be good ones. I know because when I was pregnant I had many of the same experiences. I never gave up because there was not a doubt in my mind that my daughter was supposed to be on this earth.

    Similarly, there is not a doubt in my mind that my business is meant to be. I am ready for birth. I am ready to transition into my role as health coach and no longer as student and apprentice! While I will always and continually be learning and growing (as with motherhood) I am ready to meet and honor my second child, my business.

    Ashley2Ashley Donovan is known as the ‘self love nutritionist’. Her back round in Psychology and Doula care, informs her work with women during transition points in their lives. Ashley is a passionate mama who believes that pregnancy is a special window of inspiration to finally care for ourselves in the way that we have always wanted to (and know we really should). Ashley not only loves helping mama’s take their health and wellness into their own hands (by connecting us to our true heart’s desire), but she also empowers women to make authentic birth, parenting and life choices that feel ‘just right’ (body & soul).  You can connect with Ashley at her website  www.happymindhealthybody.com to learn more about the coaching and healing services she offers.


    Compromise, Life Work and Motherhood

    Don’t we have to compromise our own passions or life work if we want to mother in the highest and best way for our kids?

    It is a question I hear often from moms. And it is a one that I have wrestled with for years myself. The reason that I have struggled in this area is because my focus was very fear based- especially in the area of  time. If only I had more time, I could be a better mother…if only I had more time, I could make a great living, if only I had more time, I would feed my family better etc.

    But the truth is, we always have enough time and money for what we are committed to.

    I have always been committed to my own self growth and exploring my passions. I invest in books, coaching and education (even if I have to travel far or stretch my last penny to get it) and since becoming a mother, I have almost always invested in organic food.

    In order to determine what you are really committed to, in spite of your values, note ‘the happenings’ in your calendar and in your bank account.

    Moms often tell me they marvel at how I get so much done. It is true, when it comes to creative endeavors (for me that is writing and teaching), I always have enough time. I make it happen no matter what. My soul requires it and I am not willing to compromise.

    Yet, I have other values that I am less committed to. I say I want them, but I simply don’t prioritize them. For example, I struggle to spend quality time with my young children. At the end of the day, I love my children more than anything else, but struggle moment to moment to carve out quality time for them.

    We compromise when we are not fully conscious of  where our commitments are not aligned with our values.

    familyThe truth is, I have to schedule quality time with my kids, or it doesn’t happen naturally  for me. It’s how I am currently wired. Quantity time with kids is easy, but after 10 years of being a stay at home mom, I never felt satisfied as a mother by quantity time. For me to feel aligned with who I am as a mother, I need to tune into the needs of my child’s purpose and support them to embody it.

    So how do you know what your true commitments are, regardless of your noble values?

    Start by taking note of what your values are and then actually make a study of how you use your time. How are you living in each moment and how do you structure  your days? We have to get clear on what is working in our lives and what is not, and then take action to get back into alignment with our values. It is a matter of staying focused on what we want to create and not on ‘what is’.

    Likely, in those places where you are out of alignment, you probably have emotional baggage or a value conflict standing in your way. In that case, no ‘thing’ will work for you.  Drop the baggage and give your self permission to be who you are, rather than try to live up to an ideal that doesn’t actually serve you.

    Ultimately the goal should be to create consensus between our own and our child`s needs and desires, rather than compromise. Consensus means that every one’s needs are considered and a higher way is creatively revealed that serves the interests, needs and desires of everyone concerned. Often this solution serves better than we could have even imagined or hoped for!

    The truth is that this new mindset can be hard when either work or the needs of our children are  currently dominating our attention.

    The way through it is being willing to see another way.  Have faith, ask for help and take action in the direction of your desires- and trust that spirit will meet you there.

    Action is the key though- remember we live in a physical world. Cause and effect are forces that we must embrace if we want to consciously create our lives. The minute we start seeing ourselves as a victim and not using our own power ‘to cause’, all that we have worked so hard to create comes undone.

    God/dess works through people, so the help you need will come as an opportunity to take someone else up on their offer- but you have to take them up on it for it to help (you have to be willing to say yes to it, even without seeing the how or the means by which you can have it- that is what faith is).

    We are not in an easy place as mothers today living in a world that is not structured to support mothers (or children) to live to their fullest potential. There are so many voices telling us that it is either /or. Either stay at home and be a lovely nurturing fairy princess mommy or go out into the world and conquer it in your combat boots.

    We must rise up as women and say enough is enough if we are going to create a blueprint for a new way of mothering and embody a feminine  way of working so that our daughters are not left also with the belief that they must either martyr themselves to motherhood -or feel like they have to choose between being a self actualized woman or nurturing their children optimally on all levels.

    What aspect of your life as a self actualizing woman and mother do you want transcend the either /or mentality and recreate it from a both/and consciousness?

    Mompreneurs Need Momentum (not balance)

    Balance is BSMost moms worry that they won’t have the time to do the work of running a  business and the  truth is that yes the start up of a new business is more time consuming than being in the flow of an already established business. That is why it is so crucial for moms to do exactly the right things to start their business and avoid spending time doing tasks that are not income generating (if your not making money you don’t have a business, you have a hobby).

    One of the most important things to understand when starting your own business as a holistic mom is that you can’t do it in a balanced way (multi tasking  doesn’t work when you need momentum).

    Our culture loves to promote balance , but balance is simply a maintenance strategy and does not have the movement that is necessary to get a business off the ground.

    What actually works is to create focused times where you can get momentum. That way when you are with your family, you are really with them. When you are with your business, you ‘get shit done’ because you have the speed of momentum and the space to focus.

    Moms often tell me they don’t have time….and while that feels true, it is actually the attitude of time poverty that keeps us trying to do it all at once and feeling like we are on a hamster wheel of “having to” instead of  ”wanting to”- we always have time for what we are committed to ….when we make time for ourselves, we find more time… we always find what we are looking for.

    So the next time you use the excuse “I don’t have time”, stop and ask yourself what you are truly committed to….spend your time there, let go of the need to control your time and allow time to show you where it is- and let the rest take care of itself!

    One thing that I use and help my clients with is establishing rhythms instead of living by a schedule and one of the ways that I do that is by living in tune with the moon- what we come to discover by syncing with the moon, is that everything has a season- and that makes it easier to let go of the feeling of having to do it all now.

    It is really about cultivating a new relationship with time and taking a stand to make time for you.

    How might you need to be unreasonable to get focused time set aside to ensure that you get the momentum you need to make your dreams a reality?

    Motherhood: The catalyst for your calling.

    Becoming a mother changes how we view the world.

    With our sweet little bundle arrived, it can suddenly feel urgent to create a brand new world for our children to live into. Seemingly strange, motherhood simultaneously kicks our drive to make a difference into high gear, while at the same time putting our foot on the brake -with the round the clock responsibilities of motherhood.

    http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photo-pregnant-image6237735While both of my children are now in school I must admit that throughout my 10 years as a stay at home mom, whilst fully engaged with my passions -I often felt perplexed by my seemingly contradictory urges to fully embody my role as a nurturer and at the same time fulfill my dreams, passions and purpose as a woman.

    It was a conflicted time for me as I lived with the story that my work compromised my mothering and that my mothering compromised my work. I often felt like I wasn’t doing a very good job of anything. Unable to give myself fully to either and in many ways living only to a fraction of my capacity.


    But a story is all that it was. A collective pattern and mindset (one that I believe is part of the collective feminine pain body) bullying us into believing that we can’t have it all (and shouldn’t). Battering us into believing that we are required to give our selfhood over to motherhood and simply put our lives on hold- if we are to be a good mother.

    It’s bruising and it’s a lie.

    I believe the truth is that we are called as mothers to gather resources and do whatever it takes to conjure up more energy (than we’ve ever had) and to give more fully of our whole selves. We are called to model living fully self expressed in the truth of who we are, so that our children can naturally and easily do it too.

    It is a truth that my husband gently reminds me of, when I feel guilty for swinging too far from a lifestyle that I personally feel is in the best interests of my family- and yes, of course there are seasons like that when you dare to defy the traditional role of a mother- you’ll feel like a shit mom, and sometimes you’ll be one- despite your best intentions you are only human and we are all learning as we go.

    While it isn’t always easy, it is worth figuring out how to live harmoniously and in consensus with both our soul’s drive to create and our children’s inherent needs. I believe that we are the ones who will recreate the story and create a new blueprint for motherhood.

    We are finding our way….

    Feelings and urges are meant to be expressed, not suppressed (the latter of which of course which only adds fuel to the fire of the passions we are trying to put out or starve).

    By virtue of having a desire, our soul is speaking to us of a yet unmet need. You can’t argue with a feeling, it just is. It must be felt, acknowledged, released or expressed. Either way, it is coming out- whether destructive or creative. We get to decide -if we choose to look at it.

    And you can’t argue with reality either. If it is universal that women give birth to creative power, while also giving birth to a child (many women can attest that this heightened creativity begins as early as pregnancy), then could it be that we are wired this way for good reason?

    Who better than a mother high on love hormones to recreate the world?

    Is it possible that it is within the divine plan, that a strong desire to manifest is also birthed inside a woman as she becomes a mother? Could our creative urges be divinely inspired?

    With all of my being, I believe that childbirth is a woman’s vision quest and that not only are we downloaded with a  blueprint for how we are to parent, but that we are also given a vision for birthing a new humanity through mothering.

    This inner drive need not be misconstrued as a force that calls us away from conscious mothering, but rather acknowledged as one that calls us more fully into mothering with intention and living our divine life purpose (of which motherhood is part of the practice).

    It is all how you look at it.

    In the famous words of Wayne Dyer, “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”.

    How would you live differently if you thought of motherhood as the catalyst for your calling?