Are you a certification junky?

Do you ever find yourself saying (or thinking)..

“When I get (insert name of certification), then I’ll ‘know enough’, ‘be credible’ or finally ‘feel ready’ to (insert not traditionally validated career path).”

practiceAre you waiting to get certified (or more certifications) before you start helping people with your healing arts or coaching business, but find yourself holding back because you worry that you don’t know enough yet or you are concerned that your clients will question your credibility?

As a certifiable certification junky (I have over 25 certifications in birth, nutrition, energy medicine and business!), I can honestly say I know a thing or two about what a certification does and doesn’t do for people.

And one thing you can be sure of is that knowing enough, feeling credible or feeling ‘ready’ is something you can’t buy through a certification course – it is an inside job.

I know this from personal experience, as much as I do from having taught and coached many other coaches, nutritionists and healers- they too wrestle with issues of credibility- no matter how many certifications and formal degrees they have.

And it’s not because they don’t already have what they need to serve others- or to be successful in their businesses, but rather what keeps them cycling these thoughts, is the sticky nature of the mind itself.

What people often don’t realize is that the mind doesn’t differentiate- (it has no consciousness). It is simply a recording and playback machine that regurgitates ‘the stuff’ that is already programmed in there.

So if you have the ‘inner programs’ like: don’t ‘know enough’, ‘not credible’ or ‘never ready’ even with yet another certification under your belt, you’ll soon be facing the same dilemma.

These very same programs will be triggered again by the fact that you will have to deal with marketing, speaking and sales conversations. If you are not careful, you’ll be facing the same thought that you just need one more certification to feel worthy of being seen, heard and paid for what you do.

Wondering where these programs come from?

They come from past painful experiences, from the cultural milieau and from the ‘stuff’ that the significant people in our lives ‘did’ or said when we had the so called audacity to….
a) trust our belief  in spite of circumstances to the contrary
b) when we didn’t hide feeling pleased by our accomplishments
c) when we acted without ‘their permission’
d) when we had the confidence to ‘start the ball rolling’ on an idea without having ‘all our ducks in a row’.
e) when we dared to think the impossible possible
f) when we raised the bar for ourselves

It was when you stepped forward confidently in faith and with an intrinsic trust in yourself, in god/dess and in life- but somewhere along the way you let them get to you….you let someone or something make you doubt yourself.

Likely they called you down, ‘put you in your place’ or projected worry on you (or were even suspiciousness or judgmental of you because they just didn’t understand or ‘get’ where you were coming from)…. and because you felt their feelings, it made you question, disapprove of or doubt yourself.

Please realize that people who deeply disapprove of and harshly criticize themselves, hate to see others have the confidence to do what they won’t let themselves do.

The good news though is that you did it to yourself.

In other words you made the decision to believe them, and that’s why you also have the power to undo it- to reclaim your power and energy back from these experiences.

If you had a bad experience in the past that made you feel like you weren’t smart enough, didn’t know enough or one that caused you to worry, question or doubt yourself – and you are STILL letting the voices of other people in your head keep you feeling unworthy, invisible or stuck…… you are not alone.

But what you have to realize is that your issue is not a ‘certification deficiency’, it is an emotional block.

You are seeking external approval, rather than generating it internally.

It’s why despite the best insight into your own interior world, you can feel soooo inspired to make a difference in the world one day, and then completely deflated the next.

It is why when push comes to shove, and you have to actually do the work, your confidence shrinks.

That’s fear disguising itself as resistance.

Resistance is a form of pride that fools you into questioning whether you really even want to do the work at all. It makes you look away from the real source of your emotional discomforts, so that you can’t disassemble the mind and it’s programs (the beliefs and feelings that your mind is cycling through).

The mind will convince you that someone or something else is the cause of your incongruency or obstacles….ultimately pointing your effort in the wrong direction.

Like towards yet another certification!

The mind is not only sticky, but it is tricky too.

Wondering how you can overcome this?

It’s easy actually. So easy, in fact that most people will disregard it.

The mind loves to keep us distracted with white lies, half truths and complex strategies that keep us looking away from the real source of the issue, rather than moving straight toward it.

There are three ways to get to the other side of don’t ‘know enough’, ‘not credible’ or ‘never ready’ or any excuse, obstacle or resistance you consistently find yourself coming up against:
1) Drop the tendency (requires the willpower to act in spite of fear, doubt and resistance)
2) Release the emotion (requires vulnerability and the willingness to feel the discomfort)
3) Drop the desire (requires the decision to let go of wanting safety, approval and control)

For most people it requires learning a method or having 1 on 1 coaching from someone skilled in a modality that works with the emotional body.

Once you release the self depreciating tendancy of needing externally generated validation, you’ll feel a deep sense of trust in yourself to just know what is needed next for your client… or you’ll just know what question to ask to uncover their next steps.

The only certifications that are of any help are the ones you immediately put to use in service of another person’s well being.

The only thing that will make you feel like you ‘know enough’ is the belief that what you need to know will be shown to you when you need it ( in the context of how you need to hear it).

And that requires giving more credit to faith and to your intuition, than to the mind….. and it’s insatiable desire to prove what it already knows.

Credibility comes through real life experience, helping real life people (and helping yourself).

You have to learn as you go (that’s why what you do is called a practice!).

Doing the work with people is the only way that you’ll find out what really serves (and what doesn’t) anyway.

Are you going to be perfect at what you do on the first try (or ever)? Sorry, but no….we are all human and we all make mistakes- get over it.

And is it possible that you could face critism, embarrassment or feel foolish for not knowing the answer -or not knowing how to help a person get unstuck?

Yes,  for sure. And that’s why you have to care more about your vision or mission, than what people think of you.

Who said you have to know everything about a subject to help someone anyway?

In fact if you ever get to the place where you feel you know everything about a subject, I can pretty much guarantee that you are yet again at the precipice of discovering just how much of what you thought you know, is not the way you thought it was, anyway.

No one gets to graduate. Quit preparing and just get started.

The sooner you simply give up your perfection tendancies, the ‘not enough’ excuses and projections, the better your life will be….your job is simply to go out on a limb, learn and grow inside of the journey.

So stop acting like your job is to sit on the sidelines, observe, take notes and stay invisible to avoid getting hurt. Just start doing the work.

Certifications are wonderful.

I recommend taking them as a lifelong learner, but not to validate yourself in someone else’s eyes. Don’t waste your energy with that.

There are people who will love what you do, some will be indifferent and some might even hate what you do.

Who cares? Just keep learning, growing and helping the people that are ready and ripe for the transformation that you offer.