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    You are in the right place if you are looking for a little guidance on your self directed path to business success.

    Your Soul`s Calling: 4 Week Start Up Plan for Mama`s on a Mission

    This is for you if you`ve got big dreams for your life and for your family and yoursoulcalling-bundle 4 weekyou are ready to make a generous living doing what you love- without compromise!

    This 4 week e-course is perfect for you if you want to….
    • Create a business that is perfectly suited to your strengths and capatilizes on your quirks
    • Craft an `outside the box` holistic business plan and do business YOUR way
    • Design a personality brand that feels oh so you!
    • Overcome the emotional blocks that keep you stalling and using your kids as an excuse- and instead make them part of your reason.

    Get this 4 week start up plan to design your dream business, attract your tribe and build a wait list of clients ready to start when you are!

    Want to dream up your business and create a holistic business start up plan?

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    Spiritual Anatomy of Your Business

    This is for you if you want to go on a vision quest for your business and delve deeply into creating a strong spiritual foundation for your business to thrive and grow!

    COMBO-ver1 (2)This 14 week e-course is perfect for you if ..
    • You want to take a deep dive into restructuring your work, so that you can re-create a foundation that feels just right.
    • You really want to take your work to the next level, but the whole business and marketing part drains you- and it is starting to take the joy out of the work. You know you need to learn this stuff, but you are looking for an intuitive, creative and right-brained approach to keep you engaged and make the process pleasurable.
    • You want your business to be a part of your spiritual path, not an obstacle to it.

    This is a 14 week program designed to take you from start up (or start over) to out of the starting gate- using the chakra system as a catalyst to reveal the spiritual anatomy of your business- for deep clarity, alignment and inspired action.

    Want to craft your service, design your business and create a connected marketing plan?

    Learn more or get started here….