Do you have clarity in your business?

Getting clarity about your message, who you serve, designing a business model that Lighthouseactually works for you and having a marketing plan (that you are excited to implement) are the most important foundational pieces of your business.

Yet we often spend the least time contemplating this.

What I’ve noticed is, that most people spend the majority of their efforts trying to move forward in their business by learning (rarely implementing) new tactics for growing and getting out there, even when they still can’t explain what they do.

Most business and marketing trainings will show you what’s possible (and yes, that is certainly inspiring), and they will give you many tools and exciting strategies to grow your business, but most don’t help you get clarity about your message and your offering.

It’s something you can’t get by brainstorming anyway- real clarity is something you feel and comes from the heart- it is to be discovered through heart based inner inquiry

Through attending countless business & marketing courses and events, I see a common theme.

I notice women walking around with very confused looks on their face, because the strategies are WAY ahead of where they are at in their business (how can you put something into practice if you don’t have clarity on how you serve and who you are serving?).

I’ve also met a lot of people at these trainings that say the same thing. Stuff like, “so and so told me I should change my niche or take on that niche because there is demand or those people have money”. And they’ve tried to do what the ‘gurus’ tell them, but it doesn’t work for them despite being a lucrative niche. Why? Because their heart isn’t in it.

Listening to someone else about this most foundational aspect of your business, is like pulling at ‘niche straws’. No one else should be telling you who your niche is (and you can’t find your niche in your mind anyway- if the answer was there, you’d have already found it).

Your niche is in your heart. You can feel who you are meant to serve.

Your niche is the group of people that you have a heart for. The answer is in your heart. That’s why you have to go deep to answer this question for yourself. You have to really stop and look within.

Creating a heart based business is like birthing a child. You should LOVE it so much that you wouldn’t ever think of abandoning it- even if it wakes you up in the middle of the night or makes you want to temper tantrum sometimes.

Your business can be something that is soooo ‘you’ that you wouldn’t dream of quitting.

It should matter so much to you, that you’d do it for the journey -even if you were guaranteed to fail. 

If you don’t LOVE your business that much, then why not start thinking ‘outside the box’ and re create it to make it feel that important to you? Create your own service- even if no one else has done it before- and market through your natural passions and hobbies). Your business can be a natural extension of who you are and how you want to live your life.

Get clarity about what you really love to spend your time doing and about that unique blend of qualities that make you valuable.

What happens when we don’t have clarity…

Without having clarity (and the foundational pieces of your business in place), you’ll work 10 times harder -because every thing you create only partially ‘lands’, the work you do slips through your fingers ……. you have to constantly start over.

It’s exhausting. Not to mention, it’s harder to get up again, than to just keep moving forward on something you’ve created from the bigger picture of the whole of your life (and absolutely LOVE).

In order to create from the big picture, you’ll have to widen the scope of your view and look much deeper than just picking a niche and testing out different marketing approaches.

If you want help thinking outside the box, you might enjoy this FREE 3 part e-course and teleseminar to help you get started.

Or if you want to go all the way and finally dedicate the time to discover what your soul is really calling you to do -and get in touch with the people you have a heart for, then you might want to explore this VIRTUAL “Your Soul’s Calling’ retreat so that you can take the long view in your business- and create it in a way that it feels like an extension of your soul.