Is your business competitive or creative?

full moon ladyIs your business competitive or creative?

There is a creative way of doing business and a competitive one.

How do you know you’ve created your business on a competitive foundation?

Here is how….

1) You started your business from the thought that you are going to do something that is already proven to be a successful business, but you’ll do it better than it has been done.
2) You are always thinking about people who are more known than you are in your industry – you are critical of them and at the same time worry about what they think of you.
3) When you see people who work in the same profession or niche as you and you perceive them to be more successful than you are, you feel jealous.
4) You swing back and forth from feelings of grandiosity and back downward to deep immobilizing insecurity and self loathing.
5) You are spend more time contemplating your brand, web appearance and presence, than you focus on the continuing development of your product or service.
6)You spend more energy looking for approval/fame through social media, than you do on creating an amazing experience for your clients.

At the end of the day, you feel like you are trying hard, but nothing is working to get you the approval and success that you crave.

The sad reality is that all of the above is super unattractive and it ensures that people will be repelled rather than attracted to working with you.

What you have to understand is that we communicate WAY more without words.

Your people can ‘feel’ you.

When you come from a competitive place, people are turned off. It doesn’t matter if you are smiling and being nice and ‘all that jazz’.

Your ‘energy’ is communicating selfish, desperate and a needy kind of energy, that literally repels people.

If you see yourself in some or all of the above, it can bring up shame… but don’t worry that is because it is coming up to be released.

We know that those qualities are not really who you are inside, so instead of suppressing, rejecting, scoffing at and denying the feelings that come up about this, can you just pause, acknowledge where you see them, feel them fully and let them go?

Every person reading this along with you, can relate to all or some of the above mentioned things, because we are all humans who have been raised in a world that values competition.

In fact, business and competition are often seen as synonymous.

And it is true that people definitely have competed their way to the top of their field by pushing people out of the way, tripping others, stealing, lying and cheating. But there is no reward there. Those are the unhappy rich we use as excuses to justify for ourselves why becoming wealthy is not a worthy goal (but that is a topic for another conversation)!

The problem for people like us, is that we’ve been programmed with unconscious competitive impulses that propel us away from our goals.

That is because competition is in direct opposition to what your heart was seeking when you first started your business.

You were thinking about how you could help, make a difference and make the world a more beautiful place.

The problem started when you told yourself ‘I’ve got to figure out how to turn this thing into a profitable business”.

For most people, learning to start a business distracts us from what inspired us to serve in the first place.

We become so focused on the ‘how’ of it all, to the point that our focus becomes self centred and we project outwardly from a place of lack, as we try to get our basic financial needs met.

But you can’t get your business off the ground, if you are mired down in that kind of overwhelm (figuring it out) or when you are projecting desperation, fear and lack.

You need to start thinking and acting in a different way that has nothing to do with figuring things out.

To help you do that, we’ve created the Business Model Makeover program.

It will help you rebuild the foundation of your business on a creative and cooperative foundation – one that builds your confidence, self esteem and the value of what you offer in the process.

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