Why are you making this business thing so hard?

No matter what stage you are in, in your business – it can be tempting to make things harder than they need to be.

But why on god’s green earth would we do that to ourselves, when on a conscious level we say that we want things to be easy?

The answer is actually simple.

It’s fear.

And so instead of facing the fear straight on, we try to get around it.

Here is why you are making things harder than they need to be in your business:

1) The mind loves to complicate things – especially when what you need to do is simple, but emotionally risky. Your mind will trick you into thinking it is hard, so that you don’t do anything that could change your life. To your subconscious mind, ‘the devil you know is safer than the devil you don’t know’. And so, to keep you from taking risks, it keeps you confused, lacking clarity and feeling like you are missing something – that way, nothing changes and you get to stay in the land of excuses and never make the bold moves that will change the way things are.

2) We give ourselves too much time – here too, the root is fear and perfection paralysis. You give yourself way too much time to get shit done and that is why it takes so much time. You are afraid that you need like forever to get it perfect or just right – and so you give yourself so much time to do it, that by the time it is even close to done – you are burnt out, bored and bummed out about it….yet inspired by something new, but stuck trying to finish what you started.

3) We ‘should’ on ourselves – anything that you choose to do because you think you ‘should’, but your heart isn’t really in it, is pretty much going to be a grind to get to the finish line. It will be hard to do on the emotional level. You’ll meet resistance the whole way and have to push yourself through. On the other hand, you much more easily rise to the challenge, when you meet obstacles on the way to creating something that your heart is fully in.

So let me ask you this?

  • Is the current way that you are operating your business hard or does it feel in flow?
  • Is marketing a drag or does it light you up to share what you are up to?
  • Do you love giving your service or dread it?
  • If you don’t feel in flow, lit up and in love with your business, something needs to change.

So the question is, what would need to change for you to feel that way?

Honestly, this is a question you must consistently come back to in your business, to make sure that you keep creating from a place of love and not from fear (or lack).

Every business needs a makeover from time to time.

If you want guidance and support to do that, you’ll want to join ourĀ business model makeover program and we’ll help you think totally outside the box to recreate your business from what your heart feels, rather than from what your intellect is ‘yammering’ on about what you ‘should’ do.

Let nothing stand in your way!

You decided to become an entrepreneur for the freedom, and now it is time to stop enslaving yourself!