Perfection Paralysis (Part 3) part 2 of this article, I promised that I was going to share with you why it is essential to just keep moving forward imperfections and all, plus why it hurts your business and doesn’t really serve your clients anyway-to try to figure out how to make your product or service perfect -before putting it out there.

In part 1 we noticed that when we feel stuck moving forward, we simply need to re orient our focus…away from our insecurities and back onto how what we offer is going to make a difference for those we serve.

In part 2 we talked about how one of the voices of perfection is really speaking to the lack of trust that we feel in ourselves, leaving us blind sighted by our emotional baggage (fear, self doubt, lack of confidence and the voices of perfection that keep us worried).

Today we are going to look at why it actually hinders our work and does not serve our clients to wait until we think we are ready, know enough or get our product or service ‘perfect’ before we put it out there.

Beyond realizing the truth that we’ll never get it ‘perfect’ because not only will our standards change, but so will our awareness.  Deep inside we know that our work unfolds in an evolutionary way. Just when we think we are at the peak, we find another mountain to climb. Life is beautiful like that.

At every phase in our own growth, we have a specific perspective that will uniquely serve a group of people where they are at (a perspective that we will be less able to relate to when we are miles ahead).

Ideally, we are not soooo beyond where the people we serve are at, that we’ve outgrown them… we want to be close enough to invite them to grow with us, while being just far enough ahead to stretch them forward into new territory – a place we’ve traveled or a journey we’ve walked- so that we can guide them.

We can best serve our clients when we are no longer inside their struggle, yet only a few steps ahead, so that we have the patience to meet them where they are at. So no, you do not need to study more or find more time to ‘perfect’ what you offer. All you need to do is walk your clients through the steps they need to, to get where you are (I believe that our soul’s calling is to pick up the rock in the road for others, so that they need not stumble the way that we did).

It hurts your soul and your business, when you stay stuck because you don’t get to feel the fulfillment of doing that thing you love, you are simply postponing your success and people are missing out on the intrinsic value that you bring to their lives!

Now on a more functional note…it doesn’t really serve your clients anyway-to try to figure out how to make your product or service perfect -before putting it out there, because there will inevitably be a gap between what you think they need and what they feel they need. And the only way to bridge that gap is to work with clients and get their feedback, so that you can continue to craft your offer in a way that actually serves their process.

Yes, you should certainly have a coaching plan or signature system that you walk people through to deliver results, BUT be prepared to consistently refine and re evaluate your process.

Here is a simple refinement process that you can use to develop your programs, when you are just getting started and/or wavering in your confidence and getting stuck in perfection paralysis…..

Step 1: Define the outcome that your ideal client desires and list the results that your client will receive by working with you (be specific and tangible). You will need to be able to describe to your ideal client what they will ‘get’ from working with you.

Step 2: Create your signature system by creating a unique process to walk them toward that outcome.

Step 3: Walk at least 3 beta clients  through the process (charge them less than you normally would, but definitely charge them, so that you know you are working with someone who is actually invested in doing the work- you don’t want a passive guinea pig- you want someone who truly values the service you are offering them). Create a clear agreement that they must provide on going feedback (plus a testimonial- with their photo- if they are happy with the service of course)!

Step 4: Use their feedback and refine your process.

Step 5: Get your next clients : ) And of course, charge your regular rate.

If you follow these 5 steps with each new offering, you will not only be serving people in the process, but you will get the exact feedback you need to gain greater confidence in your work -and have the experience behind you to feel congruent with charging for your services.

Before we finish up, let’s summarize my little prescription for ‘perfection paralysis’….

1) Turn the focus away from your self (and your insecurities) and toward your client so that you stay focused on the transformation you are about to help them create in their lives.

2) Let go of the emotional baggage that is keeping you doubting yourself and unable to access your true courageous self.

3) Use a system to consistently refine and improve what you do with your clients (if you are new to your craft, start with beta clients to build your confidence and improve the delivery of your service).

I charge thee, go forth and transform lives!!