Raw Milk Tonic

This is the drink that started my obsession with drinking eggs.

As a work a holic…I mean, work from home mom (really), I am always looking for ways to make homemade fast food, but recently I started pondering, “how can I make ‘meal replacement’ drinks with ordinary whole foods”?

Why you may ask would a holistic nutritionist be wondering that? I mean really, how natural  (or healthy) could a meal replacement drink really be?

Well, on a recent trip to Vegas for a video marketing event (because yes strangely that’s what hippy mamas who love ‘connection marketing’ do for business and pleasure combined),  I met some nice ladies totally enamored with a lifestyle of meal replacement drinks (and such)-which they swear improved their health drastically, as well as helped them achieve and maintain their ideal weight.

Ok, I will admit, I never told them so, but I am pretty skeptical of protein bars, drinks (and the like) made from synthesized vitamins and such…..I just don’t see how that could be healthy long term….I mean we just discovered that vitamins even existed in 1911 and now we are experts on how to throw the food out, but keep the nutrients in and expect to have it all figured out…unlikely, if at all possible even.

We are humans after all….created to eat from the bounty of the earth… not from the tit of the industrial machine (really, I’m sure).

Then again, I can’t help but admit, there was something attractive about the ease of it all….perfectly balanced and effortless meals (and possibly the best part-no dishes).

Raw milk tonicI’ve got young kids, so obviously, I am not going to live on meal replacements- however wonderfully scientifically formulated (truth be told, that never really would have been a selling feature for me- even in my past vitamin junkie days).

But, I thought…maybe I can develop my own whole food versions for lunch, while the kids are off at school….I’d be so much less tempted to sneak out the door and “work” at Bistro 7 1/4.

So, I pondered for a while…..and then I found this delicious recipe: Raw Milk Tonic (slightly altered from the book  The Fourfold Path to Healing by Thomas Cowan, MD with Sally Fallon & Jaimen Mc Millan).

Recipes like eiershaum and orange sherrius have followed in the wake.

Why drink it?

Oh the mineral rich milk for starters, plus Vit A & D rich egg yolks (all easily digestible with living enzymes), and iron rich molasses to boot!

But what I find most interesting about it, is that raw milk on it’s own doesn’t really please my body, but add the raw eggs and I can digest it no prob.

Oh yeah, and of course the kids LOVE it!

Raw Milk Tonic  (serves 2 reg, 3 small)

1 1/2 cups  raw milk (or low pasteurized like Harmony milk)
2 raw egg yolks
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 Tbsp molasses
1 small pinch unrefined salt

Blend and serve.