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  • Want to get your biz on it’s feet fast?

    Do you wish you could have someone to hold your hand, show you exactly what to do to help you overcome the hurdles of getting your start up off the ground?

    It would be so amazing wouldn’t it, to have a step-by-step plan that outlined exactly what needs to be done (in the order that makes the most sense), so that you don’t waste any more time (your time is precious right)?

    Can you imagine what a relief it would be to finally just ‘hunker down’ and get the preliminary foundational work accomplished, so that you can finally stop draining your energy trying to figure it all out by yourself, and finally focus on the dream, instead of drowning in the details?

    Deep inside you know you can and will provide an amazing service, but right now you feel held back by the technical and organizational side of running a business.

    If only you had someone by your side to help you overcome the obstacles, so that you can get the momentum you need to get your business on its feet fast…. yes, that’s exactly what you need!

    But right now, you’ve been feeling…..

    • women tired at computerLike you aren’t professional or polished enough to make a good first impression.
    • Embarrassed about the way your website looks (or by the fact that you don’t have one).
    • Feel divided between and distracted by so many of the things that are important to you (you can’t believe how burnt out you feel, when you’ve barely even started)!
    • Sometimes, you wonder if you really have the confidence to do this by yourself.
    • Resistance and procrastination keep you spinning in circles, instead of getting ahead.
    • Nagging feelings of doubt, fear and sometimes, even social anxieties make it seem scary to promote your work.
    • Your inner critic keeps asking you questions like “what do I have to say that hasn’t been said before?”, “what if I don’t know enough” or “what if what I offer isn’t good enough to charge money for”.

    And its all these thoughts make you feel immobilized, stuck ‘between a rock and a hard place’. Ultimately the indecision about what to do next is draining your energy and making it even more difficult to make a move.

    What you really need now is someone to help you confidently take the plunge (despite any fear or lingering doubts), finally to just decide that you are going to do this thing and show you how……step-by-step!

    You may have tried…..

    Doing it yourself, reading books on business, going to motivational seminars, reading self help books, taking courses….but you haven’t really gotten that far on your own.

    What you really want now is someone by your side to show you how and hold your hand through it all! Someone who’s been there…..and gets it!

    I was once standing in your shoes…

    Sherry 1I too struggled with feelings of doubt, fear and time poverty before I got serious about my biz. I found it extremely difficult to get very far, because I was immobilized with the fear that people wouldn’t pay what I needed to charge to make my services translate into a viable income. Indecision and lack of clarity kept me paralyzed from taking action.

    But that’s not all….I too had other issues getting in the way of giving myself permission to thrive in business. I was scared to get out there, be seen and speak my truth – especially because my beliefs and my lifestyle was so ‘out there’. I was afraid to face criticism. Especially because the businesses I wanted to start were unproven  in the market, because they had never existed before.

    Yet I had to trust my hunches, without external support or validation.

    In fact, when I graduated with my second certificate in holistic nutrition, my mother in law – a pharmacist – figured I had a lot of nerve to decide that path of holistic nutrition was an authentic profession – without the approval of a regulatory body –gasp! She took the time to pull me aside to privately and smugly let me know that she didn’t validate me or my chosen career path.

    Besides moving forward in the face of disapproval and without support, I also had fears of stepping into the shoes of being seen as an expert – especially through public speaking. It wasn’t only the stage fright that got to me, but also the fear of ’getting caught’ not knowing the answer to a question or risking the possibility of appearing and feeling foolish.

    Finally, I dreaded the thought of being seen as ‘salesy’ or having to experience failure and/or rejection. Like you, I too had at least as many internal as external obstacles to overcome. Beyond the emotional stuff, it also felt like wading through mud with all the technical learning curves and getting steered off course with quick fixes where I couldn’t see the bigger picture.

    I didn’t have someone alongside me who could see where I was at, where I needed to be focusing my attention (and efforts), who could tell me the quickest and most painless way to get shit done!

    And that is why I created this start up package…

    So that you can accomplish in three months, what it took me 3 years and a lot of  money and time spinning in circles to figure out!

    I want to be by your side – so that you don’t have to do it alone and instead feel the relief of knowing that not only do I have your back, but I believe in you too!

    Here are just some of the things I will help you with…….

    working desk√ Create a business model that compliments, rather than competes for your time!
    √ Express your style through your brand, so that you have a consistent, attractive and professional, look and feel to your work!
    √ Finally have that website & blog you’ve always wanted and feel proud to share it!
    √ Create web copy that reflects your truth (and your voice) so that you feel like your marketing is ‘mindful’- not annoying!
    √ Incorporate all of your gifts, talents and passions into your packages in a way that not only ‘wows’ your ideal clients, and helps  you stand out in your field.
    √ Craft a unique signature system that will not only organize how you deliver your services step by step, but also increase the marketability of your offer (not to mention increase your client’s confidence that your program will help them!).
    √ Feel clear about what you offer and know exactly what to say to share what you do (without feeling awkward trying to explain it).
    √ Package your services, price your programs and confidently predict your income potential for the year (finally you can rest assured that your business model is a viable one!).
    √ Know exactly what you will do with your clients session by session – you will feel organized, prepared and confident that you can get your clients results.

    and so much more!

    Here’s how it works…..

    We’ll meet together by phone, Skype or in person every week for 3 months.

    To start we’ll have a 1 hour  ‘kick start’ call to customize a coaching path for you, based on where you are uniquely at.

    We’ll roll out your coaching sessions like this so that there is plenty of time for me to delve into the process and do the work with you:

    • 6, 30 min sessions (phone or Skype)

    • 4, 2 hr strategy sessions (phone or Skype)

    • 2, 5 hour retreat days (in my home or Skype)

    Plus, unlike many coaches, I actually take the time to review and edit all your ‘home work’ in between sessions…..so that you get the feedback and course corrections you need along the way!

    And You’ll LOVE how easy I’ve made it for you!

    woman working at coffee shop√ You get copywriting templates to help me help you (in your voice)
    √ DFY (done-for-you) check lists, forms, contracts, templates and e-mail sequences so that you don’t have to get dragged down with details and minutia – and can instead focus on what serves your clients!
    √ You’ll get ‘to accomplish’ lists to keep you on track with your learning!
    √ We are going to move fast, riding the waves of momentum so that you can get the foundation of your business laid, and get back to focusing on serving your clients
    √ Step-by-step, I will walk you through exactly what you need to do, keep you on track with what you need to be doing and save you months (if not years) wasting your time trying to figure it out and doing unproductive and draining ‘busy work’ that doesn’t translate into clients or cash!

    At the end of this program, your business will be up, running and you’ll feel confident and ready, to receive your new clients and customers!

    Who this is for….

    √ You are ready to focus your energy on your business
    √ You can and will make quick decisions
    √ You will implement quickly

    Who this is not for…

    √ You are not willing to spend most of your time focused on your business for 3 months straight
    √ You need to think about things for a long time before you decide (sorry but this program will move too fast for you to get the value from it)
    √ You don’t like the pressure to have to get things done quickly, deadlines paralyze you

    So if you are ready to stop dragging things on, living in the future and feeling lost in your head about what you should be doing (but aren’t), now’s the time to make your business dreams a reality, so that you can live in the present instead of someday!

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