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  • Honour Your Soul’s Calling

    Watch to learn how you can access this 4 part e-course on how to create your business in an ‘outside the box’ way, while totally serving your parenting, passions and soulful mama-preneur path!

    This 3 part video and teleseminar program is for women who want to make a generous living doing what they love, so that they can live their ‘outside the box’ dreams- without comprising their holistic mama values or self care.

    Are you a holistically minded mom who wants to make a generous living doing what you love (while living on purpose, fully expressing your whole self through your business and give your gifts in the world)?

    Who you are….
    • You are a multifaceted mama who struggles with how to package and convey what you offer into a business that reflects all of what you bring to the table (you want to combine what you do into 1 offer so that you don’t feel torn in so many directions).
    • Maybe you have a job, but you are an aspiring mompreneur and you want to explore more of what is possible for you (or re awaken possibility)!
    • Or quite possibly, you are a stay at home mom and you feel like you’ve put your dreams and aspirations on the shelf since becoming a mother (you want to re awaken your purpose and embark on the path of your soul’s callling).
    • You are a retired creative and you want to learn how you can turn what you love into a thriving part time business

    Sherry Rothwell, RHN

    Sherry Rothwell, RHN

    Who I am….

    After my own dark night of the soul, I too have had to re awaken to my true calling while reclaiming, restoring and aligning with  my own soul’s purpose. I am excited to share my own breakthrough story to serve and inspire you on your path.

    My deepest desire is to serve holistically minded mamas- on your path of purpose, passion and doing what you love.

    I invite you to join me to explore what your life experience has uniquely qualified you for (and is calling you to do)!

    In this video series I am going to share:

    1) How you can stop using your kids as an excuse and make them part of your ‘why’.

    2) Why your beliefs and emotions are likely putting a cap on your earning potential (and what to do to release the ones that don’t serve).

    3) Why you can have your business in just the way that you want it (and how to step outside of the box gracefully and with ease).

    We will end the series with a teleseminar recording where I share 5 central questions you need to ask yourself to create the life and business of your dreams (you can expect to fully expand your vision of what is possible for you)!

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