Do you speak better than you write?

Do you want to blog or write a newsletter, but find yourself resisting all the time, energy and effort it takes to do it? Or maybe you find that you just can’t express yourself well in writing?

I think I found a possible solution to your ‘writing woes’.

It came out of a woe my own.

In January, I found myself spending hours typing up notes for the classes I teach at local nutrition school here in Kelowna, along with handouts for two different online trainings.

I have to admit, it was emotionally draining to spend so much time in front of the computer. But it felt like I didn’t have any other options, so I just kept typing away despite feeling burdened by it all.

And then my body said no.

The strange part was, there was no slow lead up to the pain. I just simply couldn’t type anymore and I felt nauseous in front of the computer.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 5.00.32 PMIt wasn’t like my wrists were hurting and I had ignored it, letting them get worse.

One day I had no pain. The next day I did.

At first I thought it would pass, if I just took a break. So I did. After a few weeks, I spent one day at the computer, and the pain became worse than it had been when it first started.

And so I had to postpone one of my upcoming tele seminar training series……. Oh, I so hated doing that.

I started to have thoughts like, “what is the universe trying to tell me”?, “am I on the wrong path”?, “Is there something else I am supposed to be doing”?

Pretty much everything I love doing: teaching, writing books, blogging, writing recipes, etc. require me to be on the computer or on my phone typing to share through social media!

I started to feel sorry for myself. Not being able to type felt like my creative outlets were all taken away!

A good friend, reminded me that a while back a lady I met at a conference had told me about an app called Dragon Dictation. She used it to create content in her business by “talking to text”.

There it had been, sitting on my phone for all these years and I had never gotten around to
using it.

It worked great.

The only problem was, I had to email the text to myself, and then copy and paste it into a document piece by piece–and that hurt “like the dickens”. The only thing worse than typing, was “thumbing it” on my iPhone.

So I figured it was finally time to figure out how to use the dictation function on my Mac.

Low and behold it’s not only easy to set up, but very easy-to-use.

It literally saved my sanity, my work and my wrists….and I am using it right now to write this post!

The reason I’m sharing this with you to demonstrate that sometimes what will liberate us, is often disguised as a temporary misfortune… and also because I thought it might help you too!

If you speak better than you write, this thing could be just what you need to start blogging and creating content for your business.

I created this quick the video tutorial to help you get started.

Get enhanced dictation here.

I hope you enjoyed the video and that it helps!

Comment below and let me know if “talking to text” is helpful to liberate your voice and get you creating content in your biz?!