7 reasons online marketing is perfect for mamapreneurs

moms can take kids to work at this store12 years ago when I first got started in business, it cost $10, 000 to buy an online shopping cart.

Back then I owned a holistic birth and baby retail store. Not only was the business hugely time consuming and the rent high, but we spent over $20 000 in design and advertising.

Getting started in business in those days was a huge risk, involving tons of overhead and big rent- with very little profit margin on the products.

Businesses in the old days were doomed to fail without a large cash flow. That’s why you hear that 99% of businesses fail in the first 3 years.

Fast forward to 2013 and everything has changed.

You can start- up an online service based business by investing in a simple website for about $250.  And after that, you can expect to spend about $20 per month to run your start up business (all you need is a website and an e-mail service provider).

While in the old days it was risky to start up a new business with rent and inventory sucking up the profit,  these days businesses don ‘t fail, people simply give up too soon.

Essentially, marketing today is based on connection and education (which makes it sooo much easier for us nurturing types who feel uncomfortable with sales)!

Now a days, effective marketing is also way less time consuming  too, because you can set it on autopilot with authentic copy and automatic e-mail follow up sequences (you really can connect with your ideal clients while you are at the park with the kids)!

AHere are my 7 reasons that the online business platform is perfect for busy mamapreneurs:

1) You can just forget about business as usual. New business models provide the freedom to create your schedule in any way that suits you best. You are at liberty to be available only when you desire to be (and still create a financially thriving business). That means you don’t have to choose between your family and work- you can harmonize the two instead.

2) Online businesses are inexpensive to start up. All you need is a basic wordpress site with a customized banner, a professional e-mail delivery service and a Paypal account to start accepting money for your services. It’s simple, affordable and accessible for any person who owns a computer and an Internet connection (not to mention, it’s super low risk too).

3) Marketing and design cost a fraction of what they used to, with services like fivver. Start up businesses need nothing more than a simple elegant banner (logo’s are optional when you are your own personal brand). Later when you are making money, you can justify taking your web presence to the next level with better quality design services.

4) With all the start up savings due to the nature of an online business, you can instead invest in your biggest asset- yourself- by learning how to design, develop and market your products and services effectively (so that you don’t burn out or give up trying to figure it all out on your own). Marketing doesn’t come naturally to most, yet it is super simple to learn.

5) With the right copy on your website and effective follow up e-mails that connect with your audience, you can enrol clients in your sleep- instead of pounding the payment or doing cold calls (saves massive amounts of energy, stress and time). There is little need to pay for marketing if you are willing to connect with clients instead.

6) Today’s marketing is giving centred and educationally based. Perfect for the nurturing spirit of us mothers. You simply create marketing campaigns that educate and then invite your ideal clients to take the journey farther with you (simple and fun).

7) Finally, because effective marketing is authentic, natural and connection based, you can incorporate your lifestyle into your marketing. Instead of wearing the hat of mother, wife, friend and business woman, you can integrate all of yourself into a personality brand. When you are connected to the right audience, all you have to do is share your life – and that naturally markets your authentic gifts and gets your work in front of your perfect clients- because they can feel you. You don’t have to play a role. You just combine your natural gifts, talents and passions into your services to create work that feels like play and as a natural extension of that flow- you can make a living doing what you love.

Being an entrepreneur and working primarily VIRTUALLY- for time and location freedom, is ideal for mamas like me, who want to give their gifts in the world and be available to their family at a moment’s notice.

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