Is your relationship to money sacred (or scared)?

radiant-bethA while back, I had the opportunity to have my `sacred money archetypes` read by my good friend and colleague Beth Martens. 

I discovered that my top 3 primary archetypes are the Romantic, Maverick & Ruler/Celebrity.

Not only did this validate my own intuitive way of being with money and business, but it gave me key insights on how to focus my energy in terms of managing my money.

With my top archetype being romantic, it makes perfect sense how I naturally choose to create a high level of connection, intimacy and pleasure in my programs.

And with Maverick in second, I am naturally supported to take risks with money and in business- in a world where I have often felt that I have had to keep quiet about all the crazy risks I’ve taken to get where I am today- to avoid ruffling the feathers of the disapproving and doubtful. Their demeaning ‘looks’, ‘pufts’ and ‘head shaking’ asks, “Who do you think you are?” Why I am a Maverick, am I, thank you very much!

Tied in third place is Ruler/Celebrity (apparently I’ve got to choose which one, and I will be doing that in the VIP day I have scheduled with Beth, later this month)!

Finally, in last place out of all the other archetypes, I have the Accumulator.

According to Beth, whichever archetype we have in last place is the one that is suppressed or in shadow. I can really see that being true for me. I don’t relate at all to ‘cheapskates’, I hate accumulating ‘things’ and I LOVE to spend money and use it to gift others, not hoard it!

Money is all about pleasure, freedom and sharing for me. But alas, I can see how there is  a gift for me in embracing my repressed accumulator….making money is relatively easy for me, but managing it- is not at all (romantics, mavericks and celebrities like to spend)!

I am sooo looking forward to learning more about how to draw out my inherent strengths with money and how to bring my shadow Accumulator into the light, so that I can create a stronger foundation for growth with my money (we could all use that right?).

Embracing archetypal work is a wonderful path of practice to get connected to your money in a new way, and unravel any unhealthy attachments or aversions you might have about it.

For me, just talking about money in a spiritual context itself, has been hugely transformational and has shifted how I relate to it and how easily I can generate it.

Money is simply a currency and it flows to or away from us- depending on how we feel about and relate to it- which is why healing our money wounds is crucial for freeing up our life force and exercising our freedom to express ourselves in and through our life.

Working with the Sacred Money Archetypes is a perfect catalyst to do just that.

But if spending money’s got you shaking in your boot’s scared, and you aren’t ready to invest in the 1 on 1 support to bring your best self forward, then I highly recommend that you join Beth Marten’s group coaching program (where you can learn all the aforementioned -and more from her- at a much lower investment than private coaching).

Knowing your sacred money contract will support you in a personalized way to understand what you personally require, to remove your money resistance, melt away inner conflict and learn exactly which money strategies will work best for you -based on the unique blend of archetypal energies expressing through YOU!

She offers a complimentary call that you can listen to as an introduction to her new online group coaching program called Sacred Money Archetypes.

Beth is a master at taking archetypal wisdom and using it as a catalyst to change lives. In fact, she used this wisdom to heal herself from cancer when she discovered through this work that her inner rebel was unconsciously expressing it’s shadow side through conflict (rebel without a cause).

Today, Beth has brought her rebel into the light and uses the rebel’s positive expression to help women entrepreneurs take risks with their message-  in ways that make a real difference for others.

If you are struggling with fear and doubt in your relationship to money, don’t miss this program where Beth will help transform you from feeling scared around money- to finally feeling the gift of it’s sacred connection to your life force and your freedom.