Birthing My Business as a Second Child

This article comes from a lovely client of mine Ashley Donovan. She sent me a note one morning about the insights that were revealed to her in a dream about her relationship to her business. I asked her if she would consider writing an article about it to help other mama’s conceptualize that just as we can expand our energy and love for a second child, we can give birth to our business personified in this way.

In Ashley’s own words…….

I moved to Dallas back in August. The only way I know how to describe what I felt was that something had ‘cracked’ open inside of me. It wasn’t until the new moon that I connected this to my business.

AshleyI had a dream about two beautiful babies. One was crying and being held and soothed but the second was not acknowledged at all. The second baby still looked so peaceful. I wondered ‘how can that be?’ My daughter, Cali, was almost never that peaceful unless in someone’s arms. I woke up and did some journaling.

I am just learning about the moon cycles but I knew that this was a very natural time for reflection. I realized that I have been pregnant (not literally folks!) for the last seven and a half months. I have some theories about my dream. I’m not sure what the exact translation is. I do know my dream has opened my eyes to seeing my business as my second child.

My transition into being an entrepreneur has not been an easy one. I have had many ups and downs. About a million times I would think ‘I can’t do this’. I have been so frightened it was as if I were a scared mouse in a cage unable to take any action at all.

I’ve also had tremendously hot energy. Feeling so on ‘it’ and fully tapped into being a coach.

During reflection I noticed that all of this was so eerily similar to pregnancy. Days where I didn’t think I was going to be a good mother, days where I wasn’t sure if the baby would be healthy and days where I was so excited I just couldn’t contain myself and let’s not forget the days I was just so eager to meet my little bean!!! When someone is ‘in the thick of it’ it can be difficult to see how much work is being done even when it seems like nothing is being done at all.

I feel this drive to lead an authentic life so that I can fully lead others on their authentic path. That is not something I take lightly (neither was mothering) and so I knew (much like when I was pregnant) that if I was going to be a coach (or mother) I was going to have to be the best damn role model I could be (ME). Even when I am working on myself and nothing for my business I have to remain confident that one will feed into the other.

So much is the same in pregnancy. That baby is growing whether you think about it or not. Eating fantastic food, keeping the stress low and loving it up are all a part of that baby’s vitality.

I’ve had to feel through some very old wounds. I’ve had to cry and feel scared and sad and alone. It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t always fun, but the fruits of my labor will only be good ones. I know because when I was pregnant I had many of the same experiences. I never gave up because there was not a doubt in my mind that my daughter was supposed to be on this earth.

Similarly, there is not a doubt in my mind that my business is meant to be. I am ready for birth. I am ready to transition into my role as health coach and no longer as student and apprentice! While I will always and continually be learning and growing (as with motherhood) I am ready to meet and honor my second child, my business.

Ashley2Ashley Donovan is known as the ‘self love nutritionist’. Her back round in Psychology and Doula care, informs her work with women during transition points in their lives. Ashley is a passionate mama who believes that pregnancy is a special window of inspiration to finally care for ourselves in the way that we have always wanted to (and know we really should). Ashley not only loves helping mama’s take their health and wellness into their own hands (by connecting us to our true heart’s desire), but she also empowers women to make authentic birth, parenting and life choices that feel ‘just right’ (body & soul).  You can connect with Ashley at her website to learn more about the coaching and healing services she offers.