Why hiring a VA might be a better choice than a business coach

As strange as it might seem for me to be writing this (considering that I am a business coach), when push comes to shove and you need to focus down your energy and where you invest your moohlah, business coaching might not be your next best option.

Coach or VAWhy? Because a business coaching will help you expand. If you are already feeling fully expanded to the point that you are in overwhelm with what you have already started, then I am guessing that you actually need to invest in the services of a virtual assistant to help you pull in the riegns and refine what you already have created -and take it to the next level of quality.

Essentially my advice is to make the most of what you already have, so that you are ready to rock it out with a business coach.

That is because the work that you do with a business coach is all about getting out there, marketing, creating new programs or re launching past ones….all stuff that adds to your plate and stretches you.

A virtual assistant on the other hand, takes stuff off your plate.

When we get stuck in our business, it is tempting to think that we just need more inspiration, ideas or to learn something new, like a…..

  • Another program to get you to 6 figures and beyond.
  • A fresh take on how to take your business to the next level etc.
  • Learn a new marketing approach that you had not thought of

But if you do not have the support of a virtual assistant or others in place to help you with implementation, you will feel like you do not have the time to make good on all of the new strategy and insight that you can get from a coach.

And sometimes that can be paralyzing.

Ever invested a shit ton of money in a program and not done much with it?

You are not alone, I have too.

It is tempting to think that you wasted your money or that the program was shit (it is natural to want to place the blame outside of yourself…..but it is not fair).

But let’s be honest here.

If you went back to even the shittiest of programs that you invested in, in the past and actually took inspired action on everything you learned (or were reminded that you know) you would have something beautiful to show for it in the end ….and you would feel accomplished, feel good about yourself and about your work.

But if you just let it sit there collecting dust, then you can be sure to add a sense of powerlessness, lack and self doubt to your overwhelm.

My advice?

Go back to the program and hire a VA to help you implement what you learned. Once you have done the work and feel proud of what you have created and feel ready to expand again, then hire another business coach.

From a strategy perspective, taking the long view is the most sustainable. I believe that you need to suck the juice out of what you already have and make the most of it.

To me that is starting from gratitude. Gratitude guarantees your abundance in this moment.

Some business coaches would say, “no way! Invest in another program to keep you moving forward and cut your losses! Speed is of the essence.”

I on the other hand think you need to make good on what you have already started to have the confidence in yourself to take on more.

Sure you can get really brave, committ like you never have before and buy yourself a big ass coaching package….but if you do, you should still make hiring a VA your top priority (you are virtually gauranteed to get somewhere because they will actually accomplish some of the work for you!).

Whatever you choose, remember to go deep before you speed ahead (get grounded first or you will start spinning with the speed and that means you’ll be going nowhere fast).

So if you do not trust yourself to do the work right now, hire someone who will aka: a virtual assistant.

Nature can help you decide.

If you acknowledge natures wisdom as I do, there is a season for everything. Time for going inward and a time to go outward.

As much as you need an in breath, you also need an outbreath. But not simultaneously.

Consider a coach the out breath and a VA (virtual assistant), the in breath….

Do you need to go deeper with what you already have in your business? Or do you need to expand into new territory?

  • want to go deep and re birth = virtual assistant
  • want to expand and challenge yourself = business coach

Of course once your business is up an running as a living and breathing entity, then you need both to manage your energy and the flow of your business.

For now, maybe this can help….

I created this at-a-glance chart for you, to help you decide based on your current struggles if you need a coach or a virtual assistant to get unstuck.

Coach vs VA

Basically, if you are in start up, need a new business model or marketing stratgey, then you need a coach.

If you have already worked with a business coach, taken a ton of trainings, have clarity, know your niche, have a strong brand and a signature program or products already created, then you need a virtual assistant.

Your VA will help you set up your online and client care systems- helping you get all the nitty gritty accomplished so that you are ready to work with a coach again and start selling that shit!

So what is it going to be? A coach or VA? Tell me in the comments (or let me know if you are still not sure) and we will look for more distinctions that can help.