Wondering how to get more people on your list?

People often ask me how I keep expanding my reach (in such a short time) and how they can build a strong following of over 500 subscribers without holding a telesummitt or paying for advertising -in 6 months or less .

Most of the mamapreneurs who apply to work with me, have far less than 500 people on their mailing list- and many of those women have lists of less than 150 (even though they have been in business for a year or more).

sherryfinal-5511 (2)In one way, this is not a big deal, because the truth is that cash flow in a start up business requires that you connect with people 1 on 1 (starting where you are) and in your current community and locale.

So then why is it sooooo important to start building your list ASAP (even if you haven’t officially opened the doors)?

Besides expanding your reach, here’s why:

1) So that you stay in the minds of people who are seeking what you have to offer (so that they think of you, when they get the guts to take their next step).

2) If you were hoping to do most of your business online, you should know that realistically you will need a larger size list (statistically less than 25% of the people on your list will even open your e-mails).

3) And worse, even less than that will that buy/enroll when you make an offer, 1-3% in fact. So if you plan to offer a VIRTUAL coaching program or e-course (with at least 5-15 people in it), then you need to get your offer infront of at least 500 people online.

Don’t lose heart though, my experience proves that with a connected and education based marketing approach (to a well defined niche) purchase rates are more often than not, double or triple that.

4) If not now, then when? If you plan to harness the power of the internet and connect to a global audience, then the sooner you start to build that audience, the stronger you’ll be coming out of the start gate!

So how is it done when you are just getting started and don’t have a budget for advertising to get people to your website?

Here are the top 4 ways to build your list by creating preview call pages (pages where people can find out more details about your free offering) that contain an opt in box (where the person exchanges their name and info to get the gift they want):

1) Create a free report that gives people a taste of your work (make it a highly valuable offer that showcases your authentic self, some of your best work and gives them a few practical next steps, that they can undertake on their own).

2) Record talks or interview others- don’t just share these calls freely-  require your listeners to opt in (give their name and e-mail) to get access to the talk or interview.

3) Make sure that you share these gifts in the social media sphere at least 3 times per week (this is what we most often forget to do). The problem is easily solved by scheduling them on your Facebook business page or a social media management platform like Hootsuite. If you don’t share it, people won’t find it.

4) Blogging – regular blogging (or video blogging) sends a steady stream of traffic to your site (so make sure your opt in gift is posted at the top right hand corner of every post and page- not JUST on your homepage).

What exactly does a preview page look like and include?

Below is a sample of a preview call page. Most people forget to do this, but it is absolutely essential to get your free gift out there, instead of waiting for people to find your website (and hoping they will sign up from the tiny bit of ‘copy’ on the opt in form):


If you are serious about creating your dream or taking your current business to the next level -and you want to learn more about how you can attract your tribe and build a wait list of ideal clients (ready to start when you are!), apply here to connect with me about how I can help you do that : )