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  • Mama on a mission?

    Mama on a mission?

    You’re passionate, inspired and deeply committed to leaving this world a better place for your children (and your children’s children). You know you are here to do something big, but with so many passions and projects on the table, you know you need to focus your energy if you are ever to make your passions profitable.

    You are sooo ready NOW to make a generous living doing what you love- yoursoulcalling-bundle 4 weekyou’ve got big dreams for your life and for your family!

    And yet you felt held back and bogged down…

    More often than you would like to admit, you are drowning in the pressures of motherhood instead of the pleasure. You are afraid that if you get serious about your business, your mothering will be compromised.  And your business, well, right now it is more like an expensive hobby and sometimes you wonder if  is really worth the time, energy and attention it takes away from your family life. And yet, deep inside you know  that you need to nurture your own soul to really give the best of yourself to your family- and pave the way forward for your children to live their dreams too!

    Ready to stop using your kids as an excuse and instead make them part of your why?

    Is this you?

    • Sense that you are here on this planet to do something special, but not sure how exactly you could make a living doing what you love.
    • Want to combine all of your gifts into a business that is uniquely you?
    • Want to incorporate your lifestyle into your marketing?
    • Want the freedom to be available only when you desire to be (and still create a financially thriving business).
    • Want to integrate and harmonize your self care and family into your work.
    • You know that what you offer is valuable, but you just can’t seem to figure out how pull it all together in a profitable way. .

    You know in your heart that you were meant to do something big and live life to it’s fullest -and you have a sneaking suspicion anyway that putting your dreams on hold or giving them up altogether is not going to make you more present as a mother either….you sense that it`s something else, but you just can`t seem to put your finger on it.

    I`ve been there…

    Ack, it is really painful isn`t it when you know you have soooo much to give and yet you aren`t being the mother you want to be or creating an abundant flow in your business and your life- it feels so stifling and like time is running out to figure this whole ‘work life balance thing out’. You don`t want to miss out on your kid`s childhood, but you don`t want to martyr your self to motherhood or be a cog in the wheel either.

    sherryfinal-5511 (2)I struggled with these feelings for 10 years in business. I worked my ass off, took years away from my family and had little to show for it financially. It was very painful.

    While I was doing incredibly valuable work in the world as a Doula and nutritionist, I didn`t know how to market and my financial set point was set so low that what I was making in my business was more like an allowance, than a living. I had no idea how to design a business that built on my strengths.

    I also created my business to fit with how the world thought I should. And that just meant that no one was served to my highest capacity- not my clients, my kids or my self.

    Nothing changed for years for me, until I finally gave myself permission to step `outside of the box` and simply create my business the way I wanted and for my ideal client (and no one else).

    What if you can do it to? You can!!

    Instead of wearing the hat of mother, wife, friend and business woman, what if you could integrate all of yourself into a personality brand that allows you to express your life through your business?

    When you are connected to the right audience, all you have to do is share your life – and that naturally markets your authentic gifts and gets your work in front of your perfect clients- because they can feel you.

    You don’t have to play a role. You just combine your natural gifts, talents and passions into your services to create work that feels like play and as a natural extension of that flow- you can make a living doing what you love.

    Not quite sure how to do it?

    That`s why I created the Your Soul`s Calling program…


    I want to save you the countless years of struggle and the tens of thousands of dollars I spent to learn business (not to mention the thousands I also spent on certifications a trying to further my knowledge to make up for deep underlying lack of confidence, under the guise of “I’m not ready yet” ).

    I want to show you your inherent value and help you design a business free of resistance and release the emotional baggage that is other wise currently capping your earning potential- no matter how much you know or don`t about marketing (or how hard you work).

    Starting your business (or starting over) can be easy and in the flow or hard and nerve wracking….

    Either way- success in business is an inside job. I want to show you how to create a business that reflects who you are from the inside out, so that your business is simply an extension of you moving through your life with purpose, passion and pleasure- not a heavy burden that you have to balance outside of your life.

    And here is how we`ll do that….

    Module 1
    We’ll begin the program with a series of videos and release the thought that being in business takes away from your mothering. Once we’ve let go of the ‘stuff’ and all the ‘have to’s’ that are dragging you down, you’ll excavate your true desires for yourself and your family so that you are ready to create a business that is a match for the lifestyle you want.

    BONUS MODULE: Manage your energy, not your time!
    In this Module, we will be looking at how to build your energy by creating a rhythm in your home to support your family to thrive- while you build your business!

    Module 2
    In this module, I will guide you through a series of questions in the form of a workbook that will help you get clarity on how to take all of your gifts, passions and the work you love doing and combine them into an absolutely unique business, that will be a match for your ideal clients.

    Module 3
    This module is where we get that vision out of your head and onto paper where you can see how it all fits together into a crystal clear vision that will give you the confidence to move forward.

    BONUS MODULE: Craft Your Website
    In this module you will build a platform from which you can share who you are and what you offer to your tribe- along with a free gift to give them a taste of the essence and quality of your offereing and work!

    Module 4
    This final module is where pull everything together into a 4 week start up plan to design your dream business, attract your tribe and build a wait list of clients ready to start when you are!

    I was able to increase my income by a crazy 30%, not to mention doing the stuff I love at least 50% more often than before.

    beth“Before working with Sherry, I was going off in every direction with my business – lots of interests seemed to leave me doomed to have lots of directions in my business. After 6 months, I learned how to identify and message to my audience with much more precision. I discovered that I’m primarily here to help women find their authentic voice, and when I look back at the moment I made the decision to do this coaching with Sherry, I feel so grateful. I highly recommend working with her if you’ve struggled with getting organized for putting all your talents into one meaningful business. In the first 6 months of working with her I was able to increase my income by a crazy 30%, not to mention doing the stuff I love at least 50% more often than before. Thank you Sherry, I love you!!!!!!!!”

    Beth Martens Winnipeg, MB

    Results you will create in this program….

    1) Create a business that is perfectly suited to your strengths and that capatilizes on your quirks

    2) Design a personality brand that feels oh so you!

    3) Overcome the emotional blocks that keep you stalling and using your kids as an excuse- instead make them part of your reason.

    Here is how it works…

    You will receive a new module by e-mail every week for a total of 4 weeks. Each module includes jouralling and step by step exercises to create your holistic business plan.

    It went over the top as far as my expectations went, and we are not even done yet.

    jen (2)“Before working with Sherry, I was lost in my mind (with so many ideas) and overwhelmed as to how I could possibly even land any of my creative ideas. I knew one thing, I had something to offer, I just didn’t know how to get my service out there. I felt frustrated with the internet and web stuff, always redoing and rewording, and yet never gaining the results. I wanted help. I wanted someone who I could trust in and who would be willing to help me put together a program, organize my thoughts, and help me word all of this professionally on my website. I am so amazed and grateful for the service that Sherry has provided. It went over the top as far as my expectations went, and we are not even done yet. Each day I feel more confident in my work and that I have something valuable to offer. My thoughts are organized now. My programs are being developed and tweaked as we speak. My website is almost ready to be launched and I am falling in love with it. I no longer feel scattered. I feel cared for and heard and I believe that Sherry is invested in my success. This all feels wonderful and I am so grateful.”

    Jennifer Summerfeldt, Edmonton, AB

    Here’s how I’ve made this simple for you!

    To help you get laser focused clarity, get your vision out of your head and on paper  including:

    • workbooks
    • audios
    • exercises

    It is a step by step plan that helps you ask yourself the right questions to create a strong spiritual foundation for your business to grow on!

    I highly recommend working with Sherry if you are seeking clarity on your personal path to success.

    niki“Before sitting down with Sherry I was unclear about how to market my diverse range of talents into a successful business.  Sherry created a personalized  business blue print for me that she reviewed in great detail.  I now feel excited and confidant that I have a starting point with my business. I will continue to work with Sherry so she can guide me every step of the way.  I am so grateful to be making such a wise personal investment.  I highly recommend working with Sherry if you are seeking clarity on your personal path to success.”

    Niki Trosky
    Winnipeg, MB

    Who is this for?

    • This is for you if you want to go deep and create a unique business that has never been created before
    • You are willing to take a leap of faith and create (or re create) your business in an ‘outside the box way’
    • You like journalling and art projects
    • You are an empowered do it your-self-er

    This is not for you if…

    • You don’t want to integrate emotional/spiritual work in the process of designing your biz.
    • You don’t like to dig deep, you dislike doing journal exercises, writing or dreaming on paper.
    • You don’t do well following through on e-courses and homestudy programs (you prefer a hand hold)

    Ready to get started?

    Pay in Full $347.00 (SAVE $94)


    Payment Plan 3 X $147.00


    p.s. Have questions? E-mail [email protected]